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Twitter clients for Ubuntu

Waiting on this...

Because Gwibber Microblogging Client and Twitux aren't working at all (for Ubuntu 9).

Am i missing something?

Prevent twitter from shortening URLs

If you've really got all your ducks in a row, your URIs will be short to begin with. You'll have followed the suggestions made back in the early 90s that URIs should be concise and never change. Planning for that type of scalability is a bit challenging and definitely has its long term rewards.

Twitter module for Drupal plus Facebook plus Adium equals end of schizophrenia

One status for all your online identities: the end of schizophrenia! Update your status on your Drupal site, and keep your wider wired and wireless world informed.

First, the Twitter module for Drupal by walkah is very simple and a little non-intuitive as to where to do settings, so we'll start with some Twitter module documentation that should be cleaned up and put on (pending the commit of a patch Agaric used and probably other enhancements of the module).

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