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Twitter module for Drupal plus Facebook plus Adium equals end of schizophrenia

One status for all your online identities: the end of schizophrenia! Update your status on your Drupal site, and keep your wider wired and wireless world informed.

First, the Twitter module for Drupal by walkah is very simple and a little non-intuitive as to where to do settings, so we'll start with some Twitter module documentation that should be cleaned up and put on (pending the commit of a patch Agaric used and probably other enhancements of the module).

Twitter Module Documentation

Download and put the twitter folder in your sites/all/modules directory. We recommend you then download this patch into the twitter folder and run

patch < twitter_sitewide_0.patch
patching file twitter.module

(Mac and GNU-Linux and I guess Windows with Putty? By the way, don't you think patch instructions should be linked to from issues with patches?).

Enable the module.

Without the patch, the module provides no admin section at all.

You have to give it your Twitter login information at your /user/%uid/edit page.

With the patch, you can provide a sitewide twitter account.

Also with the patch, at the bottom of each content type configuratino page (such as /admin/content/types/blog) you can enable twitter. You have to enable twitter for a content type to use it!

One more caveat:

In the current implementation, you then have to check off specifically that you want to twitter for each post.

In the twitter_alter_node_form function, I changed the default value from blank (empty string) to this:

    '#default_value' => array('personal'),

Extra credit:
TwitterSynch facebook App
(Mac IM client Adium) updated:

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Hey Benjamin,

I really appreciate this walk-through. I just followed it and was able to get it up and running (haven't tried the Adium add yet though). Worked nicely with the #13 patch.

Appreciate it.

For Facebook integration

I am currently using

Let me get this straight. So

Let me get this straight. So to automatically get your new nodes to twitter, you have to go into the twitter.module file and change the following in the twitter_alter_node_form function:

'#default_value' => array('personal')

Should I disable the module first and reinstall after the change? Thx.

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