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Jeff Eaton

Simplify Drupal by Building Core Features with Building Blocks

It takes a very long (and enlightening and entertaining and informative) article to get there, but Jeff Eaton makes the key point which i think we all know in Drupal but can have trouble expressing. This is the key big picture for very many of our Drupal 8 initiatives:

Drupal 7 overview (Lullabot video notes)

Notes from the Lullabot Drupal Overview video (which is free until Wed. Jan 12).

minimal has no optional modules enabled nor any content types. Nor is the administrator role set up for you.


master-slave replication

any database that PHP can support, which includes Oracle and MSSQL (Microsoft)

built on top of PDO which comes with PHP 5.2+.

Drupal requires PHP 5.2.4 or later
PHP 4 is dead.

User 1 is still special

Tokens in Drupal 7 session by Jeff Eaton

(Jeff Eaton kicks off.)

Canonical use for token is mailmerge.

User mail is hardcoded system in Drupal 6, it doesn't use token.

Pathauto. Everyone is using it, or should be.

Immediately we proposed it for inclusion in Drupal core. More than three years ago.

Really, it wasn't good enough for core.

Organization: An all-you-can-eat buffet of crazy-- too many modules made tokens available, with all different names, and no categorization.

Code reuse: Date formats are hell.

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