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Angie Byron

Drupal 7 overview (Lullabot video notes)

Notes from the Lullabot Drupal Overview video (which is free until Wed. Jan 12).

minimal has no optional modules enabled nor any content types. Nor is the administrator role set up for you.


master-slave replication

any database that PHP can support, which includes Oracle and MSSQL (Microsoft)

built on top of PDO which comes with PHP 5.2+.

Drupal requires PHP 5.2.4 or later
PHP 4 is dead.

User 1 is still special

Agile for Drupal core: within-major-version API additions as a key element to the Drupal Developer Experience (DX)

We (the Drupal community) cannot expect webchick to look even once at anything that isn't truly needed for D7's release at this point.

But i think we cannot tell exportables and other developer experience issues to go to hell for the next year or three either.

The Making of Drupal 7: historical overview

2005 July 18 -

2008 February 4 - Dries creates Drupal 6 branch in repository, posts wishlist, opens up D7 development -

2008 February 12 - first patches? for Drupal 7 specifically, by catch and webchick, committed by dries

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