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Gábor Hojtsy on why get involved with Drupal community

why really get involved, why not just use the software for free?

get to work on cool technology
get to work in an international team
get to show off your work and talent
get to travel
can also make money

Mission statements and branding of various Drupal shops

Drupal shops, front pages and about pages as of June 3, shops separated by ***

Lullabot provides consulting and training for Drupal and other open source software. We know all the buzzwords and can provide friendly expert guidance on your next web project. [featuring a graphic with the "Give a man a fish.." saying, and then the Drupal logo at the start of the text]

Acquia forums closed to non-subscribers

Going to when not logged in results in this:

Thank you for your interest in the Acquia Network. You have attempted to access a page that requires an Acquia Network subscription in order to view.
Acquia Network subscriptions complete the Drupal experience by providing remote site management services, technical support, subscriber forums and more. Prices start at free, as in beer.

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