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Thoughts on open source free software technology, developing with and for Drupal, and the short-term future of the universe.

Agaric Design core principles and motivation

Money is always good, but the the main motivation of the team [is] making the business successful, doing things we can be proud of, showing the world we do things better and by our rules.

– Dan Hakimzadeh

what new are we bringing to Drupal?

Query about inclusion of all-income Drupalers at DrupalCon Paris

[Sent via the contact form]

This question is about scholarship / support information for attendees. I note that such efforts do not have to be organized by the DrupalCon Paris organizers, but you will necessarily be a key point of coordination in any case.

Are you aware of any specific attempts at inclusion at DrupalCon Paris? In the European context this can especially mean reaching out to Drupalers in Africa, Asia, Middle East, India etc.

Being Agaric

You have to want to do amazing things with Drupal. You have to be dreaming big.

Forget Drupal (OK, not really). An Agaric has passion for doing what is right for the web, and for the collective, for the people of the world off the web, too.

Building a company is a lot of work; building a collective company may be harder. None of us want to knock ourselves out only so someone can make money. That's great but if that's your primary goal, there are lots of opportunities out there in Drupal right now.

Decisionmaking API & Consensus Module, and bringing more people into funding Drupal

Posted to the Drupal consultant list:

One thing that frustrates me as a consultant is that for funding easily available to aggregated small-money people using Drupal for web sites, we could more than match the invaluable corporate and foundation contributions– but as yet, the key part - aggregating needs and funds - has not happened.

I'd very much like to see Sam Boyer's Decision-making API funded and built (approved by the community but unfortunately not ultimately by the Knight Foundation).

The Agaric Drupal Book

We are going to write a Drupal book, so we have to plan important stuff, like the title

Drupal: The Living Web

Building web sites for people

How to do Drupal sustainably

by the Agaric Collective
and friends

DrupalConDC Is Drupal Moral?

Encyclopedia Britannica macropedia article on philosophy has 180,000 words.

and every fifth one is linked.

The hyperlinked form is a better representation

Age of Information:

Last name
First name
ID number
Troublemaker (Y/N)

Given way to age of the web-- connection to each other and links

His point was that we are

regardless of connection, how about "you can do what you want as long as it doesn't harm others" as basis of morality

Acquia forums closed to non-subscribers

Going to when not logged in results in this:

Thank you for your interest in the Acquia Network. You have attempted to access a page that requires an Acquia Network subscription in order to view.
Acquia Network subscriptions complete the Drupal experience by providing remote site management services, technical support, subscriber forums and more. Prices start at free, as in beer.

Community organizer, Statistician, Freelancer manager: roles at Agaric?

Who/how can we put in / create these roles at Agaric Design Collective?

Seth Godin suggests three jobs for amazing people for any company that works online:

Standard steps in responding to Request for Proposal

First paragraph about why we're qualified

keep it short

modules we maintain on

CiviCRM implementation

the work plan for getting the work done- that is the process that we go through

preliminary analysis, requirements gathering, then we create statement of work

talk about myagaric project management


Matt Westgate says:

Stop Selling Drupal and start selling:

Part of the pitch for Agaric training services

Dan says:

We learned web development while learning Drupal

so we haven't had to un-learn the non-Drupal ways of doing things.


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