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agaric philosophy

Refining Agaric's mission statement

Changed our front-page mission statement from this:

Agaric uses the power of open source free software, the internet, and people to build sites that give control to our clients and their communities. Our founding principles include the goal of helping all people gain the most power possible over their own lives.

Please look around and learn how we can help you, and don't hesitate to contact us.

To this, which is mostly what we came up with a while ago:

Agaric Design core principles and motivation

Money is always good, but the the main motivation of the team [is] making the business successful, doing things we can be proud of, showing the world we do things better and by our rules.

– Dan Hakimzadeh

what new are we bringing to Drupal?

Being Agaric

You have to want to do amazing things with Drupal. You have to be dreaming big.

Forget Drupal (OK, not really). An Agaric has passion for doing what is right for the web, and for the collective, for the people of the world off the web, too.

Building a company is a lot of work; building a collective company may be harder. None of us want to knock ourselves out only so someone can make money. That's great but if that's your primary goal, there are lots of opportunities out there in Drupal right now.

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