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Areas to investigate regarding forming a worker-owned collective

[very rough first brainstorm]

In the form of questions to be asked of other web shops, Drupal companies, startups, multinational corporations, radical organizations, etc.

What is your legal structure? Why was this chosen?

What are your decision-making processes?

What are your hiring policies?

How do you handle, taxwise and legally, international employees? Contractors?

What do you do for health insurance? What are your policies for receiving?

How do you decide who does what?

Itinerant web developers survey and meetup tool

How comfortable are you with minimal amenities and accommodations, on a scale of 1 to "I have slept outside in a city before because the hostel wouldn't let me test the wifi before paying"?

Vision for Agaric

draft. The goal is to keep working on this document until it becomes a) inspirational, b) collective, and c) operational. Yes, that's right, this is supposed to inspire, be written by committee, and have a practical handle on the nitty-gritty details, all at once. Starting with unattainable goals takes the pressure off!

Agaric's model is Free and Open: free and open standards, free and open work and management, free and open source code, free and open documentation. We prefer to take on projects that match that vision.

Agaric internal: internal funding during paid projects; own currency; and strategy notes

[Draft - internal policy thoughts shared with the world for openness - but not official at all]

Our rates and billing assume some amount amount of work for particular projects will go unpaid by the client.

In particular, we should budget 6 hours for pre-project work in acquiring a project and 12 hours making sure everything is awesome.

Those hours may change but let's keep that 1:2 ratio.

Being Agaric

You have to want to do amazing things with Drupal. You have to be dreaming big.

Forget Drupal (OK, not really). An Agaric has passion for doing what is right for the web, and for the collective, for the people of the world off the web, too.

Building a company is a lot of work; building a collective company may be harder. None of us want to knock ourselves out only so someone can make money. That's great but if that's your primary goal, there are lots of opportunities out there in Drupal right now.

Drupal Shops: Once you have two people...

Jody Foster has joined Zivtech, and Agaric wishes our best to our colleagues in the Philadelphia area.

They will soon learn that once you have two people, you have a true Drupal shop, and you're just a few steps away from total world domination.

The power of connecting the right people is what PWGD is all about, and it's been exciting to live that power with Agaric Design Collective and to see the same thing happen for other Drupal coders out there.

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