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Vision for Agaric

draft. The goal is to keep working on this document until it becomes a) inspirational, b) collective, and c) operational. Yes, that's right, this is supposed to inspire, be written by committee, and have a practical handle on the nitty-gritty details, all at once. Starting with unattainable goals takes the pressure off!

Agaric's model is Free and Open: free and open standards, free and open work and management, free and open source code, free and open documentation. We prefer to take on projects that match that vision.

All information, financial and otherwise, is shared with the people working together (and as much as possible shared with the outside world as well).

The Collective means shared resources, collaboration on projects, and shared branding. People come in as equals, no guarantee of work, expected to be able to lead your own projects, etc.

The point isn't to only have loose coordination, the point is to have us working as closely and efficiently as possible without their being only one or two or three people in charge.

There is someone in charge and taking responsibility for different projects and tasks, but it is situational rather than institutional.

Which is very hard, on several levels of practical day-to-day coordination and organizational structure, but i think it better matches the sort of organization that social movements (and the future of humanity) need.

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