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Funded Free Software

A Drupal developer asked outright what people thought of attempts to monetize. I responded to icanlocalize's blog:

For-pay support is definitely a model with promise and worth trying. Try to avoid keeping key pieces online and proprietary though; that i think is bad for the ecosystem.

Will money screw up the open source volunteer ethos?

Yes, I'm worried about what happens when you inject money where things were volunteer.

I hope that instead funding particular improvements will support, and indirectly reward, the volunteer code and patches that are central to open source free software development.

Agaric Wants an 'Anybody Wants' Drupal Project Funding Module

In affirmation of an excellent post by Daniel (dahacook), Need more structure and funding model... Agaric (well, Ben) posted this:

I applaud Walt's work in promoting projects needed financing and projects needing developers, and I see this [Daniel's] idea as a way to build on it.


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