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Manually setting up fcgi wrapper permissions

ssh root@agaric-prod
vi /home/members/agariclabs/sites/

Add these two lines inside the VirtualDirectory:

        FCGIWrapper /home/members/agariclabs/sites/ .php
        SuexecUserGroup agaric agaric

Then copy the bin directory with php-cgi in it from another project and set the permissions to the same user group defined there.

Agaric internal: internal funding during paid projects; own currency; and strategy notes

[Draft - internal policy thoughts shared with the world for openness - but not official at all]

Our rates and billing assume some amount amount of work for particular projects will go unpaid by the client.

In particular, we should budget 6 hours for pre-project work in acquiring a project and 12 hours making sure everything is awesome.

Those hours may change but let's keep that 1:2 ratio.

[Agaric-specific] Set up a Trac issue queue for a project

Visitors, please note that while Agaric-specific documentation may be informative to you, it is meant primarily for Agaric's internal use and is highly unlikely to work step-by-step without fulfilling an awful lot of dependencies first.

After setting up the project per Deploying the Agaric way, we can use our trac setup vlad task to do most of the work.

From within the project:

rake test vlad:setup_trac

Transfer sites to new server checklist

Transfer sites from old host to our new server steps.

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