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LFTP, command line FTP and more that works

lftp is a command-line FTP (and more) client that actually works.

lftp -u username,p4ssw0rd

And once in:

mirror directoryname

A key nice thing that lftp provides is completion of directory and file names when you hit tab. It will take it a moment to get the remote directory listing but then it will tab autocomplete just like the shell on your local computer.

Use Drush to sync files from one site to another

Believe it or not, this is the function you want:

core-rsync (rsync) Rsync the Drupal tree to/from another server using ssh.

For example:

drush rsync @example.stage:%files @example.local:%files

Can't do remote to remote though.

Export and re-import a database with Drush and the command line

These are run from the project's web root, example/web, so that drush can run, but the database itself is stored outside the web root, example/db.

On the export side:

drush sql-dump > ../db/development.sql

On the import side:

drush sql-connect < ../db/development.sql

expands to:

mysql -hlocalhost -uexample -pyMsx2rIP drupal-example < ../db/development.sql

Pulling structured data from some web sites to another with RDFa

getting data from one site to another understanding fields and all (sounds like Deployment is what they want... but they want 'standards')

RDFa Monkey appears dead, or at least its link (from various sites) goes to a Microsoft IIS server's file not found page:

Drupal Test to Live

2006 July 10: Drupal: Enterprise Edition | Nick Lewis: The Blog

Nick Lewis on needs for moving data from test to live, with Bér, MerlinOfChaos, others weighing in.

Transfer sites to new server checklist

Transfer sites from old host to our new server steps.

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