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Organic Groups

Organic Groups in Drupal 7 does not use entity IDs as group IDs

Update: Here is the code we currently use, abstracted into a helper function with lots of comments but it's really just two lines:

Giving more people the power to approve subscriptions or memberships to a group

Client request, regarding a an e-mail for subscription requests to 'Example Mentors' from 'newusername' which she received through the site:

Adding and modifying organic group action (create content) links

Moshe is a Drupal God. Look at this! There's a hook for everything!

Update for Drupal 6: Enter drupal_alter

    // Modify these links by reference. If you want control of the whole block, see og_block_details().
    drupal_alter('og_links', $links, $node);

From og.modules own implementation of hook_og_block_details:

    $links = module_invoke_all('og_create_links', $node);

Drupal Calendar Implemenation with Organic Groups, Date, Views, Panals 2, Mini Panel, and Tabbed Mini Panel

Work-steps for "Calendar/Date implementation with custom view, Panels 2 mini panel and tabbed mini panel, and a theme function override for the breadcrumbs" from Patrick Phillips of the Vineyard Voice with consultation by Ted Serbinski:

In all it is a very clean and simple solution using CCK, Views and Panels 2 with a small amount of custom code. I have to thank Ted, for the 10th time, for helping me out.

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