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Link to twitter status message from Drupal twitter module repost

Link twitter status messages to the twitter account display of these status messages.


Edit the view Twitter module created at admin/build/views/edit/tweets. For Agaric's purposes in this case we chose to edit the default settings for the view (the "Tweets" display).

Add the fields:

Twitter: Login name Login name
Twitter: Status ID Status ID

For both, select "exclude from display".

Adding (verifying) your Drupal site to Google's Webmaster Tools

I don't see an API for your entire Google account coming soon, or Google should already be able to skip the verification step for sites using Google analytics.

So the easiest way is to make a new node or create a new path alias to an existing page with the path that google wants: googleed909f3ff5bcb87e.html in this case.

And delete it afterward.


Planning a DrupalCamp and Code Sprint

Introductory Blurb

Modeled on BarCamp unconferences, a DrupalCamp is learning sessions, discussion, workshops, and code sprints for the free software content management system Drupal. Anyone can present and everyone is welcome. The schedule of sessions is decided in the morning on each day, but we do encourage people to post what they would like to say or hear to gauge interest and encourage coordination.

This first general camp, DrupalCampBoston1, will feature a practical , immediately benefiting Open Media Boston and Boston Indymedia.


Configuring Faceted Search

Faceted search isn't too hard to configure; Instead of using views to add the exposed filter, use the faceted search page to 'add an enviroment' and set whatever search methods want and set the 'display' to the view and urls to, for example, baseurl news, then the results appear on news/results/<arguments>


Secure private file management in Drupal

Conveniently, there's a whole e-book on the subject:

And some very old threads that come to no happy resolution, Public v. Private download method..." and How to set up proper private file access.

Close tags in a Drupal so they don't break your site

The module made it into Drupal core. It should handle most issues involving closing tags.

Seeing what HTMLTidy gains, it should capture everything.

Current status: HTML Tidy not ready for Drupal 6.


DrupalConDC Using Intelligent Web Services for Semantic Drupal Sites

Works best with well-written long-form prose (not well for tweets).

Puts the document into topic.

17 now, will probably go up to 300 and stop there.

semantic web compliant format: RDF

Then goes a step farther. For a subset, takes you into the linked data world. Another emerging standard, a Tim Berners-Lee initiative

for instance dbpedia
CIA World Factbook
now OpenCalais

Calais is a web service. Hard to demo.

When machines are talking to machines, usually takes us half-a-second to process a normal news article.

RDF options in Drupal

Ask Agaric, from a semantic web mailing list:

I need to redo a few websites I've been totally neglecting and obviously wanted to to have RDF support in the software. Does anyone have opinions on which sort of Wiki or CMS system has either good plugins or built in support for metadata management and embedding? I've been looking at Drupal and Mediawiki so far. My hosting service doesn't support anything well except PHP based systems, which is a shame as I really don't like PHP.

Opinions? Experiences?

IMC Alba Drupal profile nodecomment module more trouble than it's worth?

( ! ) Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _comment_get_orders() (previously declared in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/modules/comment/comment.module:1857) in /var/www/imcboston/drupal/profiles/imcdrupal/modules/imc_alba/nodecomment/nodecomment.module on line 57

Indymedia Alba's nodecomment module does not work with regular comment module enabled. With no documenation to explain why a custom nodecomment was necessary and Drupal core comment wasn't enough, I went with Drupal on this one.

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