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Setting up a simple (one-person) blog site with Drupal core

gengou: just a question : i don't want to use "Blog module" (don't want to create Multiple blogs -> Blog module creates a blog for each user)... I Just want to do a Single blog.
[5:29pm] ben-agaric: And yes-- or admin/content/types to make a new one, and Views (which is being developed in #drupal, which is why we try to send you here)
[5:30pm] ben-agaric: gengou ^^
[5:30pm] gengou: should i create "stories" ?
[5:30pm] ben-agaric: Sure.

Date and Calendar or Event module for WSF? just switched to Date + Calendar

We're with Event for now.


Turning on Drupal performance caching (to see if overzelous regular caching will take a break)

So still trying to find out why the binary logs for our WSF2008 development site fill up the alloted disk space and shut down MySQL once every couple of days or, as yesterday, twice a day.

Searched for "drupal keeps refreshing cache" and found a wonderful pro-Drupal pitch with this reminder:


Quicktags gives your textfields buttons to make HTML easy to add

Installed quicktags to add HTML code insertion buttons to form - adds buttons to your forms

Quicktags should not appear on plain text form fields


How to set up RSS feeds on a Drupal site without Subscriptions module: using Views of course

Joeri Poesen of Symbiotix wrote Agaric, "You've got some great drupal content, but no feed" and "so chances are I'll forget about you, which would be a shame."

That's why it's important to have an RSS feed, which Drupal gives you out of the box. Most people won't be kind enough to write you an e-mail. The other lesson: always assume people are listening.

Being professional web developers, we wrote back "Agaric carve rocks! What Web 2.0?" Well, close: "Is there anything other than Subscriptions for doing that stuff?"

Agaric Design Collective's Wiki Recipe

Easily create and edit content and link to others' wiki content. All participants logged into the site can edit this content type. All edits are stored as revisions.

Search just modules on

ben-agaric: Is there a way to search specifically for modules on ? I am *not* a newb!
[5:14pm] ben-agaric: never mind -- advanced search:
[5:15pm] gnat_x: ben-agaric: i always just use google, and limite it to
[5:15pm] ben-agaric: then expand the closed fieldset, and choose "Project" for the content type
[5:15pm] jenlampton: ben-agaric: I also like to do a google searh on " project whatever"

Set Drupal input filters by content type

We'll give the solution up front:
Filter by node type module

This is really really useful for setting up wikis that you don't want to take over the whole site:

The search for it:
input format by content type

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