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Agaric asks itself: help. views arguments? Taxonomy, nodes, and context

The Question: How to use arguments to make a block view show content associated with pages


so there are industry pages under the industry dropdown. AND there are products pages under the products dropdown, products is its own content type, industry pages are pages, the products content type has a vocabulary associated with it that basically has all the industries in it.

Panels 2 Documentation

Panels 2 documentation


and more on Panels coolness:


Ask Agaric: Getting the E-mail Addresses of Your Site's Users

How do you harvest e-mail lists for all of the site users?

(Agaric note: Harvest is often used in the context of spammers "harvesting" electronic mail addresses; this is a matter of the site owner getting e-mails provided by site users, to which the site owner already has access, in a useful form. We skipped the terminology sermon and just wrote back...)

There are a couple enhancements that could be made to the site.

One is a module that allows configurable views to be downloaded as comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet files.

Drupal RSS Feed Not Working: Check Alias Conflict

If you have a Drupal RSS feed, such as blog/feed, that instead takes you to only a node, check that there is no path alias created (go to admin/build/path) for, in this example, 'blog/feed'.


Ask Agaric: Drupal Site Building Question

Hey Ben,

Thanks for your website.Plenty to read good stuff.I have a
question about drupal implementation.I have installed it already
but i'm still confused where to start building the site.I am only needing the site for uploading/download PPT/Doc and Video
materials.What theme and modules should fit to my needs.


Hello Jack,

We have a very short summary of resources and recommended first steps here:

Forum post listed in count, not showing up in Drupal forum

The overview, with three posts promised:

The forum, with only two posts:

The absent post, that says it is in the forum:

Similar problem?

Ask Agaric: Views Block and Page with Different Fields

E-mail subject: Please help me with views???

Tony sent a message using the contact form at

Hi Ben,

My name is Tony and I have been reading allot of your tutorials on your
site and the reason that I am emailing you is that I have a problem with
views and I was wondering if you could be so kind in helping me out?

Heres the story:

Drupal or Wordpress? Making a quick simple site

E-mail subject: Drupal or Wordpress?

Hey friend,

How is things?

So, my school has asked me to design a site for them. How do I use wordpress or drupal to do so? They can't pay me much or I'd just pay you to do it! They have hosting and everything, so I just need to create a little mini site to link off of their big one ... It is an aftercare program I work for... and l need to just create a number of pages for it. I would love to make a mock up today.

Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer,

Set a default value for a CCK checkbox

Resolution: this is built into the field configuration GUI (graphical user interface)! Right under "Label." No need for anything fancy. I am a failure as a Drupal expert.

no working answer:

Default value for CCK Check box field

Example for allowed values php code?

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