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partial installation profile

For Non-profits: Drupal 7 modular distribution hasn't had a status update in a while... maybe it should build on this newly announced one:

Agaric hereby claims the install* project namespace on for all modules that install and configure

So long as the best way to automate the setup of Drupal modules is in another module, we should claim a namespace for that. For modules not spaces and context, that namespace can be install* or install_*

What I most want this for right now is not for deploying a new site but for doing development work on a site. For instance, it would be fantastic to encode all of this setup in a module:

Administration menu initial settings

For the necessary admin_menu module, I prefer the initial settings to not collapse fields on the modules page

With current initial settings this means unchecking "Apply margin-top to page body" and "Collapse fieldsets on modules page." Instead of going through this step every time this should be rolled into Agaric's basic/base installation profile.


Configuration with a module

This came innto my head as a new idea, but I realize that this is just a rehashing of my partial installation profile.

Use case: make the navigation block show up only for logged in users, and expand the create content link.

We at Agaric Design Collective do that all the time, can probably just go in the Agaric Starter Profile, but it'd be nice to do as a module if possible.


Modular Installation Profiles

Agaric (or one of us, at least) is obsessed by the idea of modular installation profiles.

It's just the way Drupal should be.

Our Agaric Starter Profile was a hacky start at that, and has either been delisted from or we never made a proper release (either way, attention to it has suffered and we can't complain). More time than I had went into trying to create separate include files that could be combined in different ways to serve as a set of varying profiles that could be chosen.

Purpose and initial success

The purpose of posting the Agaric Design Collective install profile: to make people realize "hey, if they can do it, I can do it".

An important thing to remember when making or using an install profile is that it replaces Drupal's default install profile, and that this profile actually does something. For instance, it creates the 'page' and 'story' content types. So if you want either of these automatically set up in your new site, your custom install profile needs to create them.

Agaric Design Collective Starter Profile for Drupal installation complete

The purpose of posting the Agaric Design Collective install profile: to make people realize "hey, if they can do it, I can do it".

Partial Install Profiles

Agaric wants configuration profiles, that potentially can be combined, as well as applied later than the original installation.

And it seems like we can have it!

  • ben

I know I should do more reading and trying before asking, but are partial install profiles possible? Can (parts of) install profiles be used after a site is already up and running? Should this use of canned configuration be tried?

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