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What Agaric stands for in two sentences plus asterisk (brainstorm)

Agaric... what the dictionary has to say:

any fungus with gills on the underside of the cap, such as a mushroom [Greek agarikon]
ag·a·ric (gr-k, -grk)
1. Any of various mushrooms of the genera Agaricus, Fomes, or related genera, having large umbrellalike caps with numerous gills beneath.
2. The dried fruiting body of certain fungal species in the genus Fomes, formerly used in medicine, especially to inhibit the production of sweat.

Checking out your contributed module from CVS to work on it more

cvs -z6 checkout -d term_message contributions/modules/term_message

This was a module with a dead head, so I also had to do this (I could have put the -r DRUPAL-5 into the above command immediately after the checkout).

Ebony-II:term_message ben$ cvs update -dP -r DRUPAL-5
cvs update: Updating .
U term_message.install
U term_message.module

Adding content that will appear in the perfect spot

Because skilled web developers set it up that way.

You'll be able to go create content --> add sponsor and just type in their company name, select their sponsorship level from a drop down list, upload their company logo and type in a description of the company as well. The sponsors will automatically appear on the sponsor page according to sponsorship level, and the top 6 sponsors will show in the block on the bottom of the page with their logo.


Agaric wants easy listing of a site's enabled Drupal modules including missing modules

Agaric wants our sites to generate a list of enabled modules.

Update: So we made an enabled modules module.

We want each enabled module to be listed even if the module code isn't there. This is convenient when moving messy sites.

Ideally the list of modules could communicate back to a central site and let you know what's up, but that functionality should actually live with update_status.

Two similar needs means we make a module!

phptemplate callback result when given $form directly

Background research that was eventually distilled into:

What we gave, $form:

function phptemplate_user_register($form) {
    return $output;

Untranslating terms in Drupal 5: two places you have to do it

Agaric ran into an absolute show-stopper problem (somewhere it's listed on the wsf_action issue queue) that was caused not by code (the usual culprit when ben is developing) but by configuration, and in particular the absolute madness that is taxonomy term translation in Drupal 5. I think we've posted elsewhere: Just don't do it.

But if you have and need to recover:

Deleting all translations here
is not enough.

Even though it may really look like no one has a translation anymore:

Modules put in modules-all with Drush (partial list)

Installed by Drush PM on Drupal 5
The utility module is a module that contains a bunch of utilities that are simple to code, everyone wants, but nobody actually codes them.
Right now, we have:
System module fieldset closer- This utility closes all the fieldsets at admin/build/modules

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