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Agaric Does

What can Agaric Design do? Agaric Design can do most anything you can imagine, and more.

Our satisfied clients include nonprofit organizations, family-owned businesses, entrepreneurial ventures, high-tech professionals, musicians, artists, journalists, consultants, activists, and families. Oh, and regular folk who just want a web site of their own!

What's in a name?

A good friend asked about the name "Agaric," and pointed out that the top search hits were for a subset of agaric mushrooms, called "fly agaric," which are historically considered hallucinogenic (though the U.S. government doesn't seem to have gotten around to declaring them illegal).

I had only looked at the straight definition before, on my Mac's built-in Oxford American Dictionary:

Don't let this happen to you

A neighbor was telling me today about his web site. About how he can't change anything on it himself, and how he calls and calls the person who designed it to have a change made and his calls aren't even returned.

About how his direct request to learn how the web site works so that he can hire someone else if necessary did provoke a response, but he still hasn't been taught anything.

About how he has hired another person, a "virtual assistant," to deal with the web site and the person who made it.

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