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What's the difference between Language Switcher and Translation block?

Deep in this old thread, "Looking for internationalization use cases and application feedback" - - a user wrote:

I'm not sure what I did wrong but the Language Switcher block failed to work on mine site. I've to use Translation block instead

Good enough for me to start out with Translation as the block, since they look identical anyway...


How much time for functionality and theme?

I'm thinking about something along the lines of ... a message and discussion board anchored by a community of bloggers and feature articles. Of course we can do it. Of course I would learn immensely from doing such an initial project. But is that an afternoon of work or a four month project?

Functionality? An afternoon.

Really nice functionality? A week.

Good looking? Depends on Dan's tempo of inspiration, but if you provide the
design then he can turn it into a Drupal theme in a week.

Printing a menu in a theme

Fellow in IRC asking for ways to print out a third menu, not primary or secondary links but a completely different one, without creating another region, putting just one menu block in it.

I recalled Agaric had done that...


This is the way we did it in InternetBarContest. I think there are acouple menu theming functions, not sure how different ones would work with this. In page.tpl.php:

<?php print theme('menu_links', menu_primary_links(0,2)); ?>

Show category selection below body on content editing form

Agaric has a fair amount of categorization going on, including some multiselect forms that take up a lot of room. We would prefer to have our CCK fields and node body field displayed first in the create content / edit node form, and the taxonomy choices below it. (I know better how to categorize something after I've written it, how about you?)

A quick search turns up nothing about rearranging this form, which means I must be using the wrong keywords.

I think however it can be done with my old, dear friend form_alter.


Topics and Questions to Agaric from a Request for Proposal

From a Request for Proposal, some pretty good questions about our practices, policies, and offerings:


Along with your standard practice for responding to proposals, please
address the following topics and questions in your proposal.

Design Tools and Process

On the Horizon for Agaric Design: Cooler than Web 2.0

As someone wise said (actually, the British actor Michael Caine), "Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath."

So what might be coming up to the surface for Agaric (and perhaps the Internet)?  Here's a few technologies and standards we're getting into:

Making a Good First Impression – Quickly

"Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye: Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds," Michael Hopkin reported in Nature on 2006 January 13.

A study by researchers in Canada has shown that the snap decisions Internet users make about the quality of a web page have a lasting impact on their opinions.

Can the blind see your web site? Don't get sued! Hire Agaric Design

NOTE: The campaign of fear tactics used to gain and hold power by so many rulers, notably in the United States in this poor young millennium, is utterly and completely condemned in all circumstances except with regards to our own financial gain.

Is your web site accessible to the blind and visually-impaired?  You might want to make sure it is after you read this NewStandard In Other News summary:

Would you refer us to a friend?

That's the gold standard we strive for. And the approach is backed by the research of a university with a multi-billion dollar endowment. Excerpt from a Harvard Business Review article (the full thing costs $7) here:

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