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World Social Forum 2008 Global Day of Action [update circa 2018: domain no longer controlled by the World Social Forum]


In 2008, the World Social Forum was not held in one or two locations, as it had in other years since the first Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. Agaric Design Collective created to enable groups all over the world to plan and publicize participation in the Global Call for Action, with demonstrations and workshops held in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

The site included:

Poor performance of Drupal 5 internationalized site due to lack of database table indexes?

One issue is that in Drupal 5x the i18n_node table does not have indexes where you really need them.

See the CivicActions post When to Index - Databases, Tables, Explain.


Mass Contact module sends to site "To" but not to BCC recipients

Solution: Updating to the latest nightly dev release of the module, from the 2007 November Beta, fixed it.

Back to the problem...

Mass contact module says:

cid = "2"

Upgrade Drupal a version with an automatic patch

Agaric has modified version the shell command version (listed by Khalid right above the comments) to be a script that can patch Drupal regardless of the name of its current directory..

Agaric's version is attached.

Validation error on search form, contact site admin. But I am the site admin!

Search causes validation errors: how to disable caching for certain pages?

Not Boost!

Using search pages causes a validation error only when logged in.

It might be triggered by my consolidating the web pages onto one domain, and restricting the cookies to one domain slightly before that. When I looked at the code, the form token simply wasn't being produced-- the form element was a "" instead of a random alphanumeric string.

Installing Munin, the site monitor named after a Norse god's crow

sudo aptitude install munin-node

sudo aptitude install munin 

sudo vi /etc/munin/munin.conf

a simple host tree

use_node_name yes

Skipping this for now -- and I think this assumes both munin and munin-node on one server:

As a security measure, we are going to change so the node bind itself to the loopback interface.
So go and edit /etc/munin/munin-node.conf and make sure the host value looks like this:

Bringing a stressed Drupal site back to its feet

Before and after restart:

0 stedile:~# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1343636 1309280 34356 0 1856 29692
-/+ buffers/cache: 1277732 65904
Swap: 524280 513244 11036
0 stedile:~# free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1343636 164676 1178960 0 7264 98000
-/+ buffers/cache: 59412 1284224
Swap: 524280 3992 520288

How to configure and enable blocks in Drupal

Create some blocks first, the add block link at the top of the admin/build/block page

these blocks would be in different languages

then create a multilingual block, which will let you slot these blocks in. Again, I'm fairly certain you want something for each block even if you don't have a translation-- put another translation in.

from here on the steps are the same for any block

first, click configure next to the block

here you can tell it what pages to display on or not to display on (so you want to do this step before turning the block on)

Newsletter Signup Block for Registered and Anonymous Users

nope-- this is for nodes, as an event node

People who also want Simplenews to CiviCRM integration

Simplenews and CiviCRM
Module development · Drupal 4.7.x
ravijo -
November 16, 2006

Set the return path for e-mail sent by a web server


this is set for us, but apache process (Linux user www-data) still is sending e-mail as

Won't send email

help with drupal sending mail

I think I've identified our problem:

php mail() set from address

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