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Needs Improvement

Workable solution needs improvement

pwn: let users grant permissions they own to roles (delegate only their own privileges to others)

drupal allow user to administer only permissions they have
drupal give lesser permissions
permission delegate
drupal grant permissions you have

Agaric and the world needs a

Drupal role permission to set permissions for any permission it has

Closest thing we have right now is this trio, which does both more... and less.

Having the top-level menu items not be links (for use with dropdown menus)

The best approach may be to avoid this entirely with proper information architecture. I always try to make these have meaning themselves, but certainly with not expecting most people to click on them anyway, this does not always make sense. Instead, the way Agaricer Kathleen did it for one project is simply to have each dropdown be a separate menu.

But let's say you are stubborn and don't like that approach or are too far down the path of a big old nested primary links menu. What do you do? Call Agaric, of course (or find this web page).

Making changes to a nested array that may have arrays or strings in some values

Pulled this from the test module for the new RDF module we're putting in Drupal core.

// dealing with a nested array where the top level can be a string or an
// array is complex and helper functions may be a good addition

  rdf_mapping_alter_create('rdf_test_container', 'title', )

Upgrading Drupal modules

Automated help: also has upgrade assisting functionality.

General best practices and Drupal 5 to 6:


Git update and ignore local changes

The don't-take-no-for-an-answer way:

git reset --hard


Mindmapping with Freemind

File this under to do– get into mindmapping with Freemind:

Resolve a conflict to use local files after a merge goes bad in git pull

benjamin-agaric: looking for a little git help... i've got my repos on the server
I was pulling from it, but when I tried to push i noticed that i must have done it wrong and had the repository url as http
I changed that to the ssh style git. --and i was now connected to the repository two ways
the really weird thing is that when I pushed it said it wasn't up to date (could not fast forward), and when I pulled I got a conflict!!

Planning a DrupalCamp and Code Sprint

Introductory Blurb

Modeled on BarCamp unconferences, a DrupalCamp is learning sessions, discussion, workshops, and code sprints for the free software content management system Drupal. Anyone can present and everyone is welcome. The schedule of sessions is decided in the morning on each day, but we do encourage people to post what they would like to say or hear to gauge interest and encourage coordination.

This first general camp, DrupalCampBoston1, will feature a practical , immediately benefiting Open Media Boston and Boston Indymedia.


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