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pwn: let users grant permissions they own to roles (delegate only their own privileges to others)

drupal allow user to administer only permissions they have
drupal give lesser permissions
permission delegate
drupal grant permissions you have

Agaric and the world needs a

Drupal role permission to set permissions for any permission it has

Closest thing we have right now is this trio, which does both more... and less.

Each of these let non-super-style admins give people administrative power over

May go into core in 7 though!

My note there:

Found this thread looking for a module to do exactly what Jomel suggested. This comes up all the time when building sites for others. (There is no solution in contrib yet?) As a developer you want to give client "site administrators" as much power as you think you can without their a) being confused or b) destroying their own site.

"If I am in a role with a certain permission I can give that permission to other roles" seems like a very sensible approach to safely delegating a lot of power.

[Insert note about irony of a collective founded on equality and non-hierarchy contributing this module.]

Drupal has the "grant permissions" option.. i'm checking if there's a "grant permissions that some more privileged user has already given me" option

drupal apply for roles


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