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Drupal deleting User UID 0

Possible culprits:

./profiles/scf/modules/modified/user_import/user_import.module:1450: user_delete($existing, $existing->uid);
./profiles/scf/modules/modified/invite/invite_cancel_account.module:20: user_delete(array(), $account->uid);
./profiles/scf/modules/contrib/logintoboggan/logintoboggan.module:42: user_delete(array(), $account->uid);
./profiles/scf/modules/contrib/og/includes/ 'og_user_delete' => array(
./profiles/scf/modules/contrib/views_bulk_operations/ user_delete(null, $user->uid);

invite cancel account and logintoboggan are not enabled, and will be presumed innocent. I also like views_bulk_operations. Looking at user_import...

The fix for the symptom, not the cause:

INSERT INTO users SET uid = 0, name = 'anonymous'; INSERT INTO users_roles VALUES(0,1); DELETE FROM cache;

Update: Culprit turned out to be our database merging.


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How can i change my anonymous user id from zero

How can i change my anonymous user id from zero to any other user id say the admin user id?I added few pages in my site using an user id 12 but now i have deleted that id ,hence all pages which were added by user id 12 are tagged to user id 0 and cant be used by any other user.

Go directly into the database

Untested SQL statement:

UPDATE node SET uid=1 WHERE uid=0;


thanks Benjamin but ya i did that , dnt we have a permanent solution to it?

There must be a proper way in

There must be a proper way in Drupal to transfer ownership of some pages from one user to another before a user id gets deleted? If not, can we disable a user but not delete? And will the pages still work with a disabled user id?

custom module or simply 'block' user (like disabling)

It seems you may need to make a module to do this-- acting on hook_user with the delete op (hook_user_delete in Drupal 7) to assign content to an existing user.

Note you can simply block a user, rather than delete one, which is effectively your disabled user request.

Your solve doesn't work for

Your solve doesn't work for me, I added the rows but the anonymous user is still not with us, and my $_SESSION variable is still crashed for anonymous. Do you get an idea for the culprit?

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