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Agaric Site Reorganization

Checkout a specific revision of a file with Git

git checkout abcde file/to/restore


How do I reset/revert a specific file to a specific revision using Git?


Mindmapping with Freemind

File this under to do– get into mindmapping with Freemind:

Agaric wants Drupal to be able to print its structured data into beautiful documents

Said I, petulantly on instant message:

I want to do everything in Drupal. I want to do estimates by having each section a node with estimated hours and such, and then I want it to be able to print it out in one document and have it nicely formatted.

And I got the Drupal is a hammer speech.

Anyway, I still want it, but sadly no one has done it yet.

There are printer markup languages that are relatively straightforward, right? Would be really sweet to make Drupal output in LaTeX or whatever makes sense.

Special Treatment module for welcoming your web site guests coming from different incoming destinations

Special treatment will check where on the internet site visitors are coming from

What we do, is every time we leave a comment somewhere, that includes a link back to Agaric, we get that other sites' page's URI into the Related Content module.

Then when someone visits and we see the match, we say hello and offer up the content related to what they were just looking at! Instant custom landing page for everyone, organically.


Imagecache settings not available to any user except UID 1?

Seriously, what? Imagecache enabled, the role has every single permission checked, but no Imagecache under sitebuilding (or anywhere else) and the Administer by module listing just gives a link to imagecache permissions, which my user has, as if only to mock me.

Log in as user #1 and it works, the settings for imagecache are there. This is imagecache2 in a site that's been upgraded from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5 and Imagecaches 1 to 2.


Using Ubiquity to post notes to Drupal

Good instructions for a particular method here:

Followed but not currently using because of after installing the command by phoque command Ubiquity threw (apparently harmless) errors, and the process for modifying blog URLs was not clear (as in, even just listing the ones you've entered).

Configuring Global Redirect and Path Redirect

The modules in question:
Global Redirect:
Path Redirect:

Download and place your modules in the sites/all/modules directory of your site using your chosen method. Agaric recommends Drush.

Adding and modifying organic group action (create content) links

Moshe is a Drupal God. Look at this! There's a hook for everything!

Update for Drupal 6: Enter drupal_alter

    // Modify these links by reference. If you want control of the whole block, see og_block_details().
    drupal_alter('og_links', $links, $node);

From og.modules own implementation of hook_og_block_details:

    $links = module_invoke_all('og_create_links', $node);

Site name with site e-mail (in return address of e-mails sent from the site)

[To Dan] What you were talking about yesterday was covered in one of my old issues tracked on which happened to pop up today:

short version: it would be nice to have e-mail sent with a name not just an e-mail address, and we could probably provide a module/patch to do so... three to five hours tops, and that's assuming some trouble figuring out where to put it.


Search PDF attachments on a Drupal site

There's A Module For That!TM

Way back like 3 Boston drupal meetups ago, moshe mentioned a module that would scrape thru PDF attachments and allow drupal to search them...

Got any idea what that module is called?

Found it? Maybe here?

Ahh, found it direct-- here:

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