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Agaric wants Drupal to be able to print its structured data into beautiful documents

Said I, petulantly on instant message:

I want to do everything in Drupal. I want to do estimates by having each section a node with estimated hours and such, and then I want it to be able to print it out in one document and have it nicely formatted.

And I got the Drupal is a hammer speech.

Anyway, I still want it, but sadly no one has done it yet.

There are printer markup languages that are relatively straightforward, right? Would be really sweet to make Drupal output in LaTeX or whatever makes sense.

This goes the other way:

Off-Drupal (but written about by a Drupaller) collaborative document managing with Lyx.

Incidentally, for the purpose of doing estimates see Civic Action's generously public estimating worksheet and Francis Pilon of Raincity Studio's thoughts on it.


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