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Deploying with DBScripts

Make sure you are on your master branch:
cd /path/to/project/root
git checkout master

Update your own version. Try to do it at a time when no one else will be committing. (You can check that you don't have any committed but not pushed changes with gitk &.)

[This script combines the commands git-svn fetch and git-svn rebase for convenience.]

Agaric wants Drupal to be able to print its structured data into beautiful documents

Said I, petulantly on instant message:

I want to do everything in Drupal. I want to do estimates by having each section a node with estimated hours and such, and then I want it to be able to print it out in one document and have it nicely formatted.

And I got the Drupal is a hammer speech.

Anyway, I still want it, but sadly no one has done it yet.

There are printer markup languages that are relatively straightforward, right? Would be really sweet to make Drupal output in LaTeX or whatever makes sense.

Clipboard manager with snippets for Ubuntu?

Mac! But not Linux! Clyppan is what i'm using now. Adequate but history-only. See for selected clippings and history.

Glipper, installable through the graphical package manager, is only a clipboard history and isn't doing it for me; it's not even as good as Clyppan.

Sharing VirtualBox Ubuntu folder with Mac OS X host [not successful]

These directions are the same as we tried.

Could not get it to work, used ssh instead.

For instance, from what happens to be named 'ubuntu' folder, via Mac OS X terminal:

scp -P 2222 localhost:/home/ben/.ssh/ ubuntu/

Combining first and last name form fields to make a suggested preferred display name with JQuery

Names are one the annoyances of the web development world. We want to have everything be neat, to have our brilliant content management system (Drupal) take the raw data (a site participant's name) and display it as it makes sense in different contexts.

Sometimes it comes down to asking people what they prefer to be called.

Agaric wants Programmatic CCK field addition

When you add shared fields, CCK loads all the input widget and display formatter settings, which is awesome.

Agaric wants to go still farther in automation, and be able to add and update fields across multiple content types with a single form submission.


Agaric wants Drupal photo gallery with mass upload where albums can belong to people who set access per picture

(Note: When the headline is "Agaric wants" it's nearly always benjamin because he's the whiny one.)

Agaric wants Drupal photo galleries (with mass upload capability, of course) where albums can belong to people who set access per picture.

There is definitely a module for Drupal 5 at least that will allow pictures to be uploaded in bulk, such as by FTP, and then processed into image nodes in Drupal.

Agaric wants current Songbird's mp3 player playlist on Drupal site

Agaric wants open source integration: today's itch, list current Songbird's current mp3 player playlist on Drupal site.

Songbird takes plugins. Drupal takes modules. Everything is open source free software. All we need is a little time and knowledge!


Unable to use Drush in local XAMPP on Mac OS X environment

Unable to use Drush on localhost site for unknown reasons.

There really is a running site at http://localhost/scf but through the command line it must be seeing something else– it's giving back to me the HTML for a Drupal site offline, database connection error page.

./sites/all/modules/drush/drush.php -r /sites/scf/ -l http://localhost/scf/ pm install taxonomy_enhancer

I don't get clearer than that...


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