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Unknown column 'price_interval' on fresh install of Drupal e-commerce

Errors on installing pretty much all of e-commerce 3 at once:

Cache clearing craziness, taxonomy and locale notes

Delete one term and every cache on your entire site gets cleared?

cache_clear_all() in `modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module':592
taxonomy_del_term('345') in `modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module':613

What's this about clearing the language cache because the organic groups page is visited in Italian? There's a ton of these:

Calendar views issues with breadcrumbs and arguments

Calendar view not showing
Date API views Calendar events show display

The only way to get content that has Date CCK information attachedd to it to show up is to actually add "Date: Time" to the calendar view.

Which is sort of weird.

Unable to set up robust test environment on Mac OS X (ibook G4, MAMP)

Two and a half wasted hours trying to set up a test environment so I could develop offline.

Couldn't import the database file:

SQL query:

/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `access` DISABLE KEYS */;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1065 - Query was empty

Don't get that at all.

Couldn't get NetInfo manager to make point to anything MAMP could recognize.

No more trying to work without the internet.



Agaric wants to never, ever see the message illegal choice detected by administrator

Or maybe it's the form validation error that we never want to see. Yes, I may have a form open 50 hours before submitting it! Drupal shouldn't have a problem with that!

Ok, back to the strangeness at hand:

An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator.

says to use the (dangerous) #dangerous_skip_check

Finding stuff in a subform (useless note)


$subforms[0][nid][#post][title] => Make this automatic
... and every one of these... vid, uid, created, type, log
$subforms[0][changed][#post][title] => Make this automatic

For author at least #post was under another, extra level, [name]
... in addition to being at the #post position as usual

$subforms[0][submit][#post][title] => Make this automatic

$subforms[0][#post] => Array
[title] => Make this automatic

You need a hippy

You need someone who knows how to grow stuff. You need someone whose spent the last 40 years getting in touch with the earth.

You need a hippy.


locale_refresh_cache call by Subscribe: legit or not?

When clicking on "Subscribe" on a node, it triggers locale_refresh_cache:

Music Web Sites and Disciplined Anti-authoritanism

The Agaric Design Collective has several music artists asking us to do web sites for them, so we did our due dilligence and surfed the web for fun and profit.

What we came up with is musician and web designer Scott Andrew's simple but to the point site and his wide ranging essay on how to promote your own music, ""

He recommended networking on and MySpace

Project Management in Drupal

Agaric wants awesome project managing tools of, by, and for Drupal, ideally incorporating Getting Things Done principles.

[Old notes]

Project Management Module - a huge, long, immortal thread documenting many people's search for one:

The one Drupal uses -- tied to CVS?

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