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GMap not showing up (markers and controls, but map is gray) due to validation errors

This problem is only in IE6, because it's evil.

First thing noticed: while the background was gray, and not a map, a single click to change the map style (road map, geo, or hybrid) the map would instantly appear.

So with the theme changed to bluemarine, the map shows up.

Setting up cscope for Drupal: the find command to list the files to index

Thanks to one of a whole slew of development environment tips from chx, Agaric is going to try to install and use cscope.

Installing cscope on a Mac with the fink package manager is as easy as typing on the command line:

fink install cscope

There is also a graphical interface for Fink called Fink Commander, I think.

Telling fink what to index is a little harder.

Stop showing irrelevant results from my own site on internet searches: de-emphasize listing pages


I want to de-emphasize listing pages-- I'm not sure I don't want them indexed, and I certainly want them spidered so everything else will be indexed -- I'm tired of our own site coming up in search results when it isn't relevant, simply because so many terms are together on a big listing page (as for a taxonomy term).

An upgrade module proposal
Benjamin Melançon - Sat, 2007-12-15 11:55

Like everyone else using a lot of Drupal, I want sophisticated change management where we have:

AND/OR logic error in Userreference Access function

OK, the problem is definitely in this function. I'll get back to it in a little bit, but it may make enough sense for you to correct where an OR isn't doing what I think it should. I'm dyslexic and I swear that's why I can't do a damn thing with ANDs and ORs.

Landing Pages in Drupal

How to do landing pages in Drupal?

Using panels to allow for an infinite number

But for Agaric's current needs we need a somehow-different menu on each landing page.

Custom page.tpl.php template files based on path

Cerating "Landing Pages" in Drupal

Making a random number

PWGD will need solid and fast randomization to make the jury pools. (With those who have already served pulled out, but that's another detail.)

It's well known that computers aren't good at random.

Does combined random make something more random? Use the number of milliseconds into the current second as the seed to generate a random number and the decimal part of the CPUs exact temperature to act as the seed for generating another random number and the two are used to pick a page from the virtual big book of random numbers and pick a line on that page.

Combining one-to-one mysql tables into a single table

Merging tables does not mean what I want it to mean-- it refers to tables with the same schema.

I simply want to join two tables into one on a unique key.

To do that very easily

These are the tables Agaric needs to condense into one:

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