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Agaric wants a way to decide who sees what status messages

Agaric wants a way to hide certain status messages -- such as the one produced by the update status module! -- from certain users.

Ning, PWGD, viral growth / network effects, Drupal

Article on Ning, which acts as if network effects (something becomes more valuable the more people using it) are something new. Which is fine. The question not asked, here or ever, is why should this vast value which WE all create be controlled by a corporation or individual? That's the question PWGD hopes to answer with an alternative that is not-for-profit and not controlled by any group. Note that the Fast Company web site, which has very impressive social networking features of its own, is built on Drupal.

Business phone system and plan

Posted question regarding our needs here in followup to PingVision musings:

The phone system question


Drupal theming consulting- Panels and Views questions

Hi Benjamin,

Looking forward to talking tomorrow. I do have some questions ready so I'm inserting them below. I suspect we won't get everything covered in 30 minutes so if you do have time to extend to an hour that might be a good idea. I can pay ahead of time if you wish.

Agaric Wants to automatically set Node: Published filter for new Views

Every view should be filtered by the node being published by default. It should probably sort by sticky first and then created descending too. Most of your views are going to want these, so why not set them this way automatically?

How could this be done with a helper module? I don't think form_alter will do it for us (given all the AJAX used on the add view form), but I hope I'm wrong.

Only lead we have is Creating views programmatically and the rest of the Views 1 API documentation, and it looks... complicated.

Is iGoogle so pathetic it doesn't generate an RSS feed?

This is a service that lives by RSS feeds, and it doesn't provide one of its own?

I don't use iGoogle myself. I must be missing something?


Postfix and Authenticated SMTP

Status: we've enabled authentication, but can't connect to SMTP on port 25 with say an e-mail client to test the real way, and have a new error for testing on the server: 538 5.7.0 Encryption required for requested authentication mechanism

The main resource:

Forum post listed in count, not showing up in Drupal forum

The overview, with three posts promised:

The forum, with only two posts:

The absent post, that says it is in the forum:

Similar problem?

Make iTunes use a better music database than CDDB

Simple solution from

That page also go over why CDDB is evil, and you should never contribute your labor (typing in songs) to the freeloading commercial in-bed-with-the-RIAA company.

I didn't know all that, I just knew it stopped finding lots of tracks and CDs it ought to be able to find!

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