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Open external URLs in a new window

Personally and professionally I think links should open in the same tab, but some clients insist on opening external links in new tabs.

Print a form, such as a search form, anywhere in Drupal

Resolved error:

Missing argument 1 for search_box(), called in /sites/example/www/includes/ : eval()'d code on line 5 and defined in /sites/example/www/modules/search/search.module on line 1037.

This was from code added to a page's content by a client or possibly even the previous developer. We completely redid the site but did copy-paste in some pages.

Save as draft

Add a “Save as Draft” function to the blog, similar to other blogging programs.

If client doesn't have administer nodes privileges-- but she does, right?)
dan hak 12:18
she does
benjamin melançon 12:19
ok, then they can just use 'unpublished' -- that's the only clean way without a lot of Drupal pain i think-- the heaviness of an access control module.

Put edit block links on blocks for easy use by administrators

UPDATE: The Zen Theme does this so, so much better, so we'll be stealing from it as soon as we get the chance.

Provide edit links to block and view blocks for admin users by modifying block template files in your theme.

This is very rudimentary but works for the most common blocks. I'm sure it can be generalized to work for all blocks no matter what module defines them.

Create edit-block.tpl.php

Add an image to a block

How do we add an image to a custom defined, textual block?

You can change menus here:

Edit the custom block in question, at a URL like:

Ask Agaric: Getting the E-mail Addresses of Your Site's Users

How do you harvest e-mail lists for all of the site users?

(Agaric note: Harvest is often used in the context of spammers "harvesting" electronic mail addresses; this is a matter of the site owner getting e-mails provided by site users, to which the site owner already has access, in a useful form. We skipped the terminology sermon and just wrote back...)

There are a couple enhancements that could be made to the site.

One is a module that allows configurable views to be downloaded as comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet files.

Drupal RSS Feed Not Working: Check Alias Conflict

If you have a Drupal RSS feed, such as blog/feed, that instead takes you to only a node, check that there is no path alias created (go to admin/build/path) for, in this example, 'blog/feed'.


Theme Drupal search results

theme_search_item($item, $type) => Customize the search results page

A separate issue raised in IRC:

On the value of automatic messages that gather data to define themselves

So you don't look as silly as this:

[Error message] Files with the extension mp4 are not allowed. Please upload a file with an extension from the following list: avi mpg ogg wmv mov. [/Error message]

Please use the form below to upload your video to LivingConversations. This site accepts many file formats, including .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv, mov, and .flv, but files must not exceed 100 MB.

Forum post listed in count, not showing up in Drupal forum

The overview, with three posts promised:

The forum, with only two posts:

The absent post, that says it is in the forum:

Similar problem?

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