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move user search tab from search/user to admin/people/search

Agaric decided to make a contributed module to do this:

See that project page. The below is mostly notes on wrong turns!

It would be nice if this just used a different permission other than a person's ability to access profiles:

Quickly search for a git commit hash based on a key word

git log --pretty=oneline | grep 'award'

Having a show all content result from SOLR as a filterable listing page

stefan-agaric: this is how you can get all items from the solr index[%TO%]
15:44 stefan-agaric: this also works
15:46 mlncn: nice-- how do we actually do it in the search field though?

Configuring Faceted Search

Faceted search isn't too hard to configure; Instead of using views to add the exposed filter, use the faceted search page to 'add an enviroment' and set whatever search methods want and set the 'display' to the view and urls to, for example, baseurl news, then the results appear on news/results/<arguments>


How Google users search
Will let you "Find this book in my local library"
Using their deal with

My friend, built a lot of Google's search, searches for "Patience, Grasshopper" and find nothing that explains the reference (from Kung Fu).

92% say they are good at search
66% search less than one a day

How are they confident in a complex skill

People get answers and are happy. We can make them two or three times as happy.

We count on many searches being simple.

Theme the Search Form in Drupal 6

So it's 1am and you want to theme the search form output of your brand new drupal 6 theme, here's the quick and easy one step guide that will get you though it. Yep, that's right, 1 step, because that's how we do it the agaric way...


STEP 1 of 1
Paste the code below into into your trusty template.php file and customize to your heart's desire... (leave out the php open and closing tags, we use em to make the output look nice, with pretty colors and stuff...)

Print a form, such as a search form, anywhere in Drupal

Resolved error:

Missing argument 1 for search_box(), called in /sites/example/www/includes/ : eval()'d code on line 5 and defined in /sites/example/www/modules/search/search.module on line 1037.

This was from code added to a page's content by a client or possibly even the previous developer. We completely redid the site but did copy-paste in some pages.

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