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Terminal-style syntax highlighting

For documenting on Drupal web sites steps taken on the command line, Agaric would like syntax highlighting of the sort GitHub is using. Note that it is adding a class to the pre tag, and then using spans within that!

Perhaps could be added as a feature to the Code filter module.

Input formats export / import helper

Input formats module - - is "an API that allows for the export and import of input formats like an object. This module makes it possible to export and import wysiwyg editor settings into Features."

Seems it should do more than wysiwyg?

See also:

Patch to WYSIWYG module to make it exportable (with help of Entity moduleL.

Having a show all content result from SOLR as a filterable listing page

stefan-agaric: this is how you can get all items from the solr index[%TO%]
15:44 stefan-agaric: this also works
15:46 mlncn: nice-- how do we actually do it in the search field though?

Wanted: A Drupal module to prevent orphaned words

It would work as an input filter, and put in a non-breaking space between the last two words of every paragraph, so that one word would never be on the last line by itself.

Not entirely sold on the idea, aesthetically, but i'm surprised there's no module for that yet...

Agaric wants an emacs orgmode-style input format for Drupal

There is apparently no such thing yet and this may be silly, but the idea is to have an input filter that would make a copy-paste of an emacs org-mode document look good-- perhaps even with collapsible sub-sections using JQuery.

Or, there's the obvious approach: let emacs export to HTML.

Allowed HTML tags for Drupal's Filtered HTML input format: generous list


<a> <em> <strong> <u> <cite> <code> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd> <blockquote> <p> <br> <span> <div> <img> <sub> <sup> <strike>

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