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So if you think there's a crazy bug in permission to access text formats...'s probably because there is already content in the text area that is set to something to which the user no longer has access.

It seems really freaky when you have access to one text format, and it says:

"This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit."

So you add another text format, and now you have access to the field... and the format it must have been saying you didn't have permissions for before, what???

Input formats export / import helper

Input formats module - - is "an API that allows for the export and import of input formats like an object. This module makes it possible to export and import wysiwyg editor settings into Features."

Seems it should do more than wysiwyg?

See also:

Patch to WYSIWYG module to make it exportable (with help of Entity moduleL.

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