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Testing an image file upload for Drupal 8 with Behat, maddeningly requiring a web driver with JavaScript

For a how-to, see Using JavaScript in Behat tests (manual steps for installing, running).

For my stumbling around in the dark... read on.

On the unenviable proposition of having to add JavaScript support to Behat

behat mink extension cannot find fields

The saga of Drupal link-link

Are your builds failing because of this?

So if you think there's a crazy bug in permission to access text formats...'s probably because there is already content in the text area that is set to something to which the user no longer has access.

It seems really freaky when you have access to one text format, and it says:

"This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit."

So you add another text format, and now you have access to the field... and the format it must have been saying you didn't have permissions for before, what???

Notes on presentation about Drupal off the Island with MongoDB, AngularJS, more

Presented by Ian Mariano

[Need to ask NorthPoint Digital for the slide showing Drupal's API role in the whole mix:

UX: ASP.NET MVC, Angular.JS, HighCharts.JS
API/Admin: PHP/Drupal

Mongo: All governments. Very flexible.

Extended MongoDB with JavaScript functions, including for forecasting data with best-fit curve projection. Also normalizing imported data, flattening data for SOLR search.

Field templates are run before row templates, not vice versa

Field template are run before the row template.


is processed before this:

The individual fields are run and then handed off to the row.

That is, the row template isn't run and given the chance to call and pass info into the field templates.

Page appears to stop loading halfway through with JavaScript from footer closure area up in the content

Had this suddenly up in the content where it shouldn't be, and nothing that should have loaded was there.
=0)document.write(unescape('%3C')+'!-'+'-') //-->

apparently caused by Omniture, since that exact code occurs here (but really it was a stupid quotation mark not closed error) --

Fixing Menu Block for menu items with the same path (that also have another valid path)

"exanded" elements of a menu-item-rooted tree aren't expanded

Working modified function (the patch has more):

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