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Wanted: A Drupal module to prevent orphaned words

It would work as an input filter, and put in a non-breaking space between the last two words of every paragraph, so that one word would never be on the last line by itself.

Not entirely sold on the idea, aesthetically, but i'm surprised there's no module for that yet...

Force all content types to default to making a revision

It would be nice to have a module to force all content types to make a revision by default.

Optionally force all content types to make a revision period (no option for the user to uncheck "Make a new revision".

And (really optionally) provide a central administrative spot to toggle these for all content types listed together (rather than having to edit each content type to default to revisions or not, and the ability to force revision would be new).

Annotation of a site for developers, admins, and maintainers

I would like a way to take notes on pages that are only visible to certain roles. Adding a hidden field could do this but it's a lot of overhead, doesn't properly separate content from notes, and would apply only to content types.

For temporary content - "Hey we should do something else with this page, maybe such and such" - an input filter for hidden text would be perfect-- even something that really hides <!-- HTML style comments --> and displays them nicely.

Override imagecache module

There should be a module that lets people override the automatically resized and cropped image with one they did for that image and that size specifically. Especially for choosing what part of the image when a crop is necessary.

A workaround would be to create another separate imagefield that does not use imagecache that is used if anything is uploaded to it, but this involves template work and general kludginess.

Sudo for elevated access on Drupal sites

Masquerade as user 1. Sudo.

want to reduce clutter- not see all the things that we see all the time

sudo should be user 1
then some other name for the semi-elevated access

[Took me a while to see a point behind this idea of Kathleen's, but eventualy I did.] The idea of using the site all the time with the minimum of privileges you need, to keep everything clean, and then masquerading up when you need to, is pretty damn cool

Hook into Update Status report to list special upgrade instructions

Create a custom module that will display special upgrade instructions right on the Update Status report page. This custom module can have a directory of includes for each module with custom instructions.

Some modules have libraries (RDF, WYSIWYG) that would be wiped during a typical upgrade. Some projects require patching a module. Sometimes a module is purposely left not-upgraded because the upgrade causes bugs (either due to dependency on custom code, or because the upgrade path is broken).

Data website driven by taxonomy

Based on Ben's scattered thinking and compulsive note taking, we should create a website that will allow everyone in Agaric to post their raw data and connect them loosely with other data.

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