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module idea

The Ultimate Notetaking Drupal Site

  1. Title must be optional.
  2. Saving must be automatic.
  3. Must allow multiple edit tabs to be open at once.
  4. Tagging and crossreferencing preferred.

For me, it should be the one place for everything. This implies, if done with one content type, possibly having an optional date field, a private textarea...


Ideally the tabs would be vertical, and somehow in the application, but really it can just use the browser's tabs.

Force all content types to default to making a revision

It would be nice to have a module to force all content types to make a revision by default.

Optionally force all content types to make a revision period (no option for the user to uncheck "Make a new revision".

And (really optionally) provide a central administrative spot to toggle these for all content types listed together (rather than having to edit each content type to default to revisions or not, and the ability to force revision would be new).

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