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Agaric Wants

The Ultimate Notetaking Drupal Site

  1. Title must be optional.
  2. Saving must be automatic.
  3. Must allow multiple edit tabs to be open at once.
  4. Tagging and crossreferencing preferred.

For me, it should be the one place for everything. This implies, if done with one content type, possibly having an optional date field, a private textarea...


Ideally the tabs would be vertical, and somehow in the application, but really it can just use the browser's tabs.

Agaric wants Drupal photo gallery with mass upload where albums can belong to people who set access per picture

(Note: When the headline is "Agaric wants" it's nearly always benjamin because he's the whiny one.)

Agaric wants Drupal photo galleries (with mass upload capability, of course) where albums can belong to people who set access per picture.

There is definitely a module for Drupal 5 at least that will allow pictures to be uploaded in bulk, such as by FTP, and then processed into image nodes in Drupal.

Agaric wants current Songbird's mp3 player playlist on Drupal site

Agaric wants open source integration: today's itch, list current Songbird's current mp3 player playlist on Drupal site.

Songbird takes plugins. Drupal takes modules. Everything is open source free software. All we need is a little time and knowledge!


Agaric wants a "create users" permission for Drupal

Drupal should add a "create users" permission, split out from administer users, because this is a useful privilege for certain roles to have.

For instance, managers of organic groups should be able to create users that they can then add to their group. They should not be able to administer users (edit or delete existing users).


Agaric wants a Drupal module that lists recently enabled and disabled modules in a block

Agaric would like a module that provides a view (or simply a standard block, linked to a page) that lists the most recently enabled modules and links to their settings pages -- like on the admin by modules page.

A list of recently disabled modules would be nice too, but this would not link to their settings pages! It could link to the modules' spot or section on the Administer » Site Building » Modules page.

Would anyone else like this? Quite an easy module to develop, although because there's no time field in Drupal 5

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