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Agaric wants Drupal to upload files with any or no extension and stop being a pain about it

Agaric is not alone: Allow any files to be uploaded or make "Permitted upload file extensions" a required field

The workaround of adding the file name to the "extension" list didn't work for us though for a file called "Capfile" (with no extension, of course).

Adding a .txt extension to the file for now. But may I say: annoying!


Figuring out Organic Groups Project module integration: output of project module's link altering hook

See also, for OG/Project integration, Adding and modifying organic group action (create content) links.

Figuring out organic project module

These are the links we have to deal with, from hook_project_page_link_alter().

Agaric wants a "create users" permission for Drupal

Drupal should add a "create users" permission, split out from administer users, because this is a useful privilege for certain roles to have.

For instance, managers of organic groups should be able to create users that they can then add to their group. They should not be able to administer users (edit or delete existing users).


Allow users to assign issues to other people in the project group (organic groups and project module integration)

Client requests began immediately with the launch of running Project module with Organic Groups:

How do I assign a bug to someone else? I would like to assign the "vol in bold" issue to [P].

Here is a first draft of a function used in our project module and organic groups integration.

Following this model which was proposed to add assignment to other CVS account holders on itself:

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