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Agaric wants Drupal to upload files with any or no extension and stop being a pain about it

Agaric is not alone: Allow any files to be uploaded or make "Permitted upload file extensions" a required field

The workaround of adding the file name to the "extension" list didn't work for us though for a file called "Capfile" (with no extension, of course).

Adding a .txt extension to the file for now. But may I say: annoying!


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drupal allow upload of files with no extension


I can see how this could be

I can see how this could be a security concern in some cases, but letting people upload files to begin with is a security risk, considering that malicious code can easily be saved within pictures....

anyway, it should be a role thing, if you are an admin, you should be able to upload whatever you want. I mean, c'mon if you have the ability to change themes and delete users, I think the system should trust you enough to let you upload whatever you want.

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