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Agaric wants Drupal photo gallery with mass upload where albums can belong to people who set access per picture

(Note: When the headline is "Agaric wants" it's nearly always benjamin because he's the whiny one.)

Agaric wants Drupal photo galleries (with mass upload capability, of course) where albums can belong to people who set access per picture.

There is definitely a module for Drupal 5 at least that will allow pictures to be uploaded in bulk, such as by FTP, and then processed into image nodes in Drupal.

Agaric wants current Songbird's mp3 player playlist on Drupal site

Agaric wants open source integration: today's itch, list current Songbird's current mp3 player playlist on Drupal site.

Songbird takes plugins. Drupal takes modules. Everything is open source free software. All we need is a little time and knowledge!


Publishing from iPhoto to Drupal image gallery with iPhotoToGallery and Image Publisher module

Background searches and thoughts on iPhoto to Drupal publishing.


  1. Download and install iPhotoToGallery
  2. on your Mac.

  3. Install Image Publishing module in Drupal.
  4. (Probably needed) add this line to your conf or .htaccess: SecFilterEngine Off

@TODO ben-agaric: look up the security implications of that last line.

Import photographs from iPhoto to Drupal with comments

UPDATE: For the Agaric-approved method, see the iPhotoToGallery and Image Publisher module how to.

This AppleScript proved a dead end.

Did not work for Agaric:

I receive an error about:

RSS problems Drupal to Drupal

drupal feed seems to be broken, because of error "Invalid document end" on line 1

If a feed can't work from one Drupal site to another...

Maybe these folks are right:

Funny though, they're a Drupal site, and don't give any answers for Drupal!

We need a solid solution for Drupal for both ends: a cleaner RSS output, and a more forgiving RSS reader.


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