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Description of and Guidelines for use of Data dot Agaric (Open Data Drupal distribution)

a quick list of guidelines for data.agaric (and the coming Open Data distribution)

After you log in, there will be links to create content

in each content there are many vocabularies. The idea is that you tag EVERYTHING that is related to that content

if it's an "idea", tag everyone that talked about it. If it's a module, tag it with Drupal as a project (oh yeah, Drupal is a project, not a tag), and all other related modules... and even websites we've made that use these modules

key word fairly liberally.

Validate, or better immediately redirect, duplicate CCK Link field submissions

When posting a link, use case being Add Web Link on, the site should check if the suggested URL is a duplicate.

This is especially useful for new modules and Drupal Planet posts that we are all likely to notice at the name time.

Kathleen will be adding a check for duplicates to the validate function, but I'm interested in ways to check for duplicate CCK field links before letting the form proceed. Not sure how to catch it really early. AJAX could check continuously for changes in the URL.

Sudo for elevated access on Drupal sites

Masquerade as user 1. Sudo.

want to reduce clutter- not see all the things that we see all the time

sudo should be user 1
then some other name for the semi-elevated access

[Took me a while to see a point behind this idea of Kathleen's, but eventualy I did.] The idea of using the site all the time with the minimum of privileges you need, to keep everything clean, and then masquerading up when you need to, is pretty damn cool

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