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Drupal 6

Best practice for an upgraded site to define RDF mappings for RDFa output?

A site that has been upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 has not even had this code from standard.install in the Standard profile run yet. Can generic mappings like this be easily taken care of in other custom configuration of RDF or should this (plus more?) go in an update hook?

Adding a Node Build Mode

Q: if you need to add a dead simple view mode to theme a node template differently, basically give Views in addition to "full node", "teaser", a "bastard step-child" option, quick custom code or is a module? ?

A, by Fox: just do the hook. the hook is simple as hell

Q: and Views sees it automatically?

BUEditor preventing firefox from reloading text in textarea following use of back button

[I'm not entirely clear what causes this and when, and yes, i should be writing outside the browser-- but without this problem, Firefox is rock solid about not losing information.]

When clicking a link and then going back, or pressing a the back button and then the forward button, the text in BUEditor-enabled textfields is getting blanked out.

I think this is site-specific because it hasn't bugged me before, and i see no other reports, but for the moment BUEditor is disabled from this (Drupal 6) site.

Mix site's blog posts with aggregator feed posts?

This is an actual, typical, client communication. We thought we could drop the veil of top-secret secrecy just this once. (Well actually this is a former client, asking for support without a support contract. Commercial propriety requires me to point out that if you're paying us, we provide solutions, not merely advice.)

Hey Ben,

Removing the bubbletimer sample node stubborn remnant after uninstalling the module

Bubbletimer module unfortunately did not work out, possibly due more to our server configuration at the time, but i didn't have time to investigate, so i sent $20 for the year to Note to self: offer a decade-worth of payments to developers of the Drupal module.

SELECT type, name, module, locked FROM node_type;

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