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BUEditor preventing firefox from reloading text in textarea following use of back button

[I'm not entirely clear what causes this and when, and yes, i should be writing outside the browser-- but without this problem, Firefox is rock solid about not losing information.]

When clicking a link and then going back, or pressing a the back button and then the forward button, the text in BUEditor-enabled textfields is getting blanked out.

I think this is site-specific because it hasn't bugged me before, and i see no other reports, but for the moment BUEditor is disabled from this (Drupal 6) site.

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Specific to editors containing text buttons

This happens only when there is a text button in the editor.

Firefox has a strange bug where the textarea content is reset on going back/forward if an input field(button, text, radio, checkbox) is inserted into the form before the textarea by javascript. This does not happen if the input field is inserted after the textarea or if the input field is an image.

A workaround is to set all the buttons of the editor as images.

it turned out to be a jquery bug

Further testing revealed that it's a bug with jQuery1.3.2 or earlier.

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