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BUEditor preventing firefox from reloading text in textarea following use of back button

[I'm not entirely clear what causes this and when, and yes, i should be writing outside the browser-- but without this problem, Firefox is rock solid about not losing information.]

When clicking a link and then going back, or pressing a the back button and then the forward button, the text in BUEditor-enabled textfields is getting blanked out.

I think this is site-specific because it hasn't bugged me before, and i see no other reports, but for the moment BUEditor is disabled from this (Drupal 6) site.

CSS for Forms: Formalize

Makes forms display somewhat consistently across browsers and operating systems, without making them too different / unexpected.

The key file:


How to theme a form in Drupal 6

Theming a form, like theming almost anything in Drupal 6, requires registering the theme function with hook_theme in a module or a theme. The FormAPI docs and the Drupal 5.x to Drupal 6.x form upgrade guide (Drupal 5.x to 6.x FormAPI changes appear to remain a little deficient in explaining this.

See for instance How to theme a form in Drupal 6.x?

Passing an argument to a Drupal form through hook_menu and use of drupal_get_form

It works. Count how many parts to the menu path there are (text between slashes) and put that number in as a page argument in the array provided for this. (This actually means to grab the /next/ piece of the menu path to use , because the system's counting starts at zero.

Passing Arguments to Form Functions through hook_menu()

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