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Adding a Node Build Mode

Q: if you need to add a dead simple view mode to theme a node template differently, basically give Views in addition to "full node", "teaser", a "bastard step-child" option, quick custom code or is a module? ?

A, by Fox: just do the hook. the hook is simple as hell

Q: and Views sees it automatically?

Link to twitter status message from Drupal twitter module repost

Link twitter status messages to the twitter account display of these status messages.


Edit the view Twitter module created at admin/build/views/edit/tweets. For Agaric's purposes in this case we chose to edit the default settings for the view (the "Tweets" display).

Add the fields:

Twitter: Login name Login name
Twitter: Status ID Status ID

For both, select "exclude from display".

Getting Views as Data with Drupal 6 Views 2

Is there a standard way to get views as data? (to count the rows and such) or is it expected that this will be done in the preprocess functions, and views methods always return themed output?

Kathleen worked around this by making changes directly in the theme's views-view.tpl.php.


function pdtheme_preprocess_views_view__contributions(&$variables) { //...

should let you see the variables. see if $rows exist, and in theory decide how to output from there.

Passing an argument from a block to a page with Views 6

Posting an old and embarrassing note, but this may help other hapless googlers find that the answer is right at home in their Views user interface.

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apologies for a question that feels like support, but it is either too advanced or too simple to be documented anywhere. We have a block view that shows

where can one put custom code to run even if an argument is provided -- code to modify/transform an argument, not just provide a default if none is present?

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