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Link to twitter status message from Drupal twitter module repost

Link twitter status messages to the twitter account display of these status messages.


Edit the view Twitter module created at admin/build/views/edit/tweets. For Agaric's purposes in this case we chose to edit the default settings for the view (the "Tweets" display).

Add the fields:

Twitter: Login name Login name
Twitter: Status ID Status ID

For both, select "exclude from display".

And-- this part is crucial -- drag them to the top of the field list. (When looking at the Fields block there in the Views admin page, click the up-down arrows at the left of the title "Fields" to get the drag-and-drop reordering interface to appear below.)

Then edit the Twitter: created time field (that's the one we chose to link) and make a custom link for it. The account name and the status ID number will be available for tokens for the link because of the fields you added, so you can construct the link like so:[screen_name]/status/[twitter_id]

For fun, we gave the alt (title?) text [screen_name] tweet ID [twitter_id]

and made the date format the Custom date format:

D, M j, g:i a

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How to...

Hi benjamin, searching in Drupal forums I found your site.
I'm new with Drupal and Twetter and I need to do something for a client.

The problem is: my client wants anonymous users send a published post from Drupal (published by an Editor for example) to they Twetter accounts through just a buttom.

Of course I have installed the Twetter module, Views, CCK, etc. in a Drupal 6.13 installation.

Maybe you know how to do this or you can point to me in the right direction.

Thanks a lot for your time!!!!


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anonymous twittering

[answered this a while ago, but was offline and never posted]

Hello Khiustin,

You'll have to test Twitter module (or tweeter?) and see if it is smart enough to not send a tweet for an enabled content type until it is published. Probably it is. (Test by unchecking the "Published" checkbox under publication options or some-such, then going back and editing the same node and saving it as published.) If this works, and it should, then you can put in your own workflow where anonymous users can submit the node only as unpublished (not sure if you'll have to work around getting an access denied screen to the anonymous user for the node they just submitted). Perhaps Modr8 or other module could build this in this setup for you.

Twitter module may also expose an action, "send to twitter" that you set up with workflow or Views Bulk Operations

This would of course have to be for a sitewide account rather than per-user twitter accounts to work with anonymous users.

You'll also want antispam module, Mollom, or CAPTCHA to reduce the number of spam submissions your editors have to go through.

It would be great if you could report back on just what does work.


can u guys plz tell me how 2 downlaod twitter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Editor's note: we're going to figure this means how to import tweets into Drupal.]

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