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Link to twitter status message from Drupal twitter module repost

Link twitter status messages to the twitter account display of these status messages.


Edit the view Twitter module created at admin/build/views/edit/tweets. For Agaric's purposes in this case we chose to edit the default settings for the view (the "Tweets" display).

Add the fields:

Twitter: Login name Login name
Twitter: Status ID Status ID

For both, select "exclude from display".

Getting out of the local permissions / server login catch 22

The first step to getting out of the local permissions / server login catch-22 is to know you're in it.

Perhaps you found this page searching for "Permission denied on publickey even though I can log into the server with a public key it doesn't make any sense grrr argh how dare it deny me i created it why won't it work permissions are correct this isn't right" or something like that.

Your problem is that when you run the command without sudo, you don't have the proper permissions locally, and your computer doesn't even try to connect to the server:

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) web accessibility tool and resource; may be better than W3C

From one of our favorite clients, regarding a capability on which we need to greatly improve:

hi again... i dont remember if i sent this to you before, but i just had a whole meeting for the past hour about web accessibility and making video files/podcasts etc. accessible to people with disabilities.... this site, it doesnt pick up video stuff, but its super helpful in letting you know how compliant any website is with accessibility standards ....

Administering CCK the Agaric Way

  • with the news blurb on front page -- how make it have start of txt not

Theming views to use imagecache

Agaric needs to make a view, such as a preview of an image gallery for the front page of a site, use imagecache to generate cropped and resized thumbnails.



stdClass Object
[nid] => 6
[files_filepath] => sites/

So it's saying, I am an object, I am called node, this is what I am made up of.

We want it to print our node, the entire node.

Agaric wants to disable comments for nodes, en masse, retroactively

disable comments for all nodes of a content type (meaning existing nodes)

This guy wanted it for Drupal 4.6...

These folks only wanted it for specific nodes, which of course is built in:

Long story short, there does not seem to be much demand for the ability to retroactively disable comments for a large number of nodes.

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