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Administering CCK the Agaric Way

  • with the news blurb on front page -- how make it have start of txt not
  • news blurb: this can be done most easily if you want a special box to put a "sub-head", or secondary headline, in under the main headline. The default teaser is too long for the news blurb box, but if you much prefer the start of text to be automatically generated (and not put the subhead or first sentence in a separate entry field yourself), we can do that. I've set it up with the extra textfield for subhead now.

and, is there a way to add an image to correspond with each of the
sponsors names? I have their logos and was hoping to put them like below
the txt centered or something like that?

  • sponsor with image - I've added an image field to the sponsor content type. The idea is each sponsor has its own "page" - you create a sponsor through the form, and they get automatically listed on the sponsor page that Dan set up. To display the picture will require some more theming by Dan. If you want other attributes for sponsors (web page link for instance) that can also be set up. ( admin/content/types ... )

and the last one, i know is a more involved question, but in talking
with some other international athletes who are helping to try and rally
some sponsors etc. do you think there would be any way to have an
English version of the site and a version in Spanish? I would want to
have everything probably except the news page, and perhaps the
competition journal (the two that would be updated most frequently
because my spanish is sorta bad) This is not something that I would need
to set up immediately but I just wondered what the liklihood was.

  • Yes, we can make your site multilingual. It is after all running the same software we're using to make the World Social Forum 2008 Global Call for local action site... for instance...



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