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Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) web accessibility tool and resource; may be better than W3C

From one of our favorite clients, regarding a capability on which we need to greatly improve:

hi again... i dont remember if i sent this to you before, but i just had a whole meeting for the past hour about web accessibility and making video files/podcasts etc. accessible to people with disabilities.... this site, it doesnt pick up video stuff, but its super helpful in letting you know how compliant any website is with accessibility standards ....

... its an awesome tool, its being used across the nation and was developed here

yeah exactly, so the one downfall is that when this was developed video wasnt as widely used so even if your website has video w/ no captioning, it will still show as being 100% compliant with FAE

but i know ppl who can now take any video file, copyrighted or not in any format (flash too) and add captions

its pretty sweet.

and can output in any format you want

feel free to share that site with any of your developers and other folks

and if you have specific access questions thats like what my office mate does

he's pretty cool


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accessible accessibility screen readers visual impairments different abilities handicap


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